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  • RE: Regular polygons example

    There are many ways to do anything. ✌

    The simpleRotate() function isn’t wrong but reminded me of a small piece in the new star primitive (new in V2).

    const getPoints = (vertices, radius, startAngle, center) => {
    var a1 = degToRad(startAngle)
    var a = 2 * Math.PI / vertices
    var points = []
    for (var i = 0; i < vertices; i++) {
    let point = vec2.fromAngleRadians(a * i + a1)
    vec2.scale(point, radius, point)
    vec2.add(point, center, point)
    return points

    I hope this provides some encouragement.

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  • RE: V2 cylinders


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  • V2 cylinders


    One of the BIG goals of V2 is consistency across the API. However, there's an issue with cylinder(), and before making changes we thought a little discussion should take place.

    The internal API for V1 Cylinder looks like this...

    CSG.cylinder({start: [0, -5, 0], end: [0, 5, 0], radius: 3})

    And on top of this, the SCAD-like API looks like this...

    cylinder({h: 10, r: 3, center: true})

    In order for V2 to be consistent, we would like to move to an API that centers the cylinder by default, and creates a cylinder with the given height and size (radius).

    cylinder({height: 10, size: 3})

    Personally, I have always wondered why start and end points were required, as translating and rotating a shape into place is far easier to understand.

    There is one downside. The ability to create oblique cylinders will only be possible by extruding a circle from start to end points.


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  • RE: A little web app using OpenJsCad

    @johnwebbcole has a project which does something simular. hopefully, he will be able to add a few pointers.

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  • RE: Multicolor (by faces) model

    @gilboonet Cool innovations!

    Colors are becoming very important with the growing number of multiple head/filament printers. The slicing software requires different colors when deciding on the filament to use.

    It would be nice to add the support for colors (materials?) into the OBJ import/export library. I'll chat with you later when revisiting the OBJ libraries.

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  • RE: function in getParameterDefinition

    Hi @imkael !
    I regularly use something similar (if I get your question right): ie store all defaults for parameters for re-use (, however I am not sure it would work for the old 'include' syntax: but you can get it working trivially using the 'require' module syntax (available in the V2 prototype, CLI & the desktop app):

    in a file called 'parameterDefaults.js' (or whatever you want to call it)

    const paramDefaults = {
      quality: 120,
      robotName: 'SMARS',
    module.exports = paramDefaults

    and then you can simply require that module as you need it:

    const paramDefaults = require('./parameterDefaults.js')
    //code that uses those values elsewhere

    hope this helps !

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  • RE: Maker Faire Tokyo 2019

    WOW! That's really cool. I would enjoy that immensely but I doubt you could ship it to Japan.

    Alternatively, if you make a video of the whole process then I could show that during the faire. 🙂

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  • RE: Maker Faire Tokyo 2019

    If anyone has a nice design then I’d be glad to show at the faire. If small, I may even print an example.

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  • RE: google+ data?

    OK. I archived what I could down load using the crappy tools from Google.

    I’m pretty peaved at the results. Obviously, Google thinks that a bunch of monkeys can write software to download web content. SIGH

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  • Mar 20, 2019

    Valine Zeigler
    Greetings Everyone!
    What video or website do you suggest for a total JSCAD beginner.
    Specifically, 5 middle schoolers were challenged to create ancient Egyptian artifacts using jscad.
    How do you suggest we begin?
    Thank you for any references.
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    Valine Zeigler
    Gilbert,  Thank you so much.  You were so helpful that I found Tinkercad.  After watching your video I realized that jscad may be the next step for those who want to dive deeper after learning the basics.  Have a great day!
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