Color lost in translation (or any operation)

  • I'm seeing some behavior which is different from what I would expect. My solids are losing their color when they are translated or operated on in any other way (ie booleans).

    Is this the desired behavior? I remember V1 working differently and I would advocate for solids holding their color through operations.

    Here's a quick example which shows the behavior in

    const jscad = require('@jscad/modeling')
    const { colorize, colorNameToRgb } = jscad.colors
    const { sphere } = jscad.primitives
    const { translate } = jscad.transforms
    const main = () => {
      const colorSphere = colorize(colorNameToRgb('red'), sphere())
      const translatedSphere = translate([5, 0, 0], colorSphere)
      return [
    module.exports = { main }

    I would expect to see two red spheres, but instead I see:


    Is this a bug?

  • Thanks! I'll give it a comment of support there 😀

  • @BarbourSmith there's an open issue about this as well.

  • @BarbourSmith well... let's call it a feature of V2.

    colors should be added as the last step, after all operations are completed.

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